It has been 20 months since we started working on our Face Library, and now we are proud to announce that there’s 315 models published and available in the store. 


Some 5 years ago we had a vision to create the biggest library of human 3D scans for VFX studios, Game Development Studios, Artists and Research Institutes. It took a while to finally start working on it as we were busy with other projects. At first it seemed like a very daunting task to do, as the amount of work required to find a model, book, scan, process, calibrate, organize the files and paperwork then publish was enormous. And that’s just one model, thinking of doing it over and over again for 100's of models was scary. Setting small milestones for 10 models, then 50, 100 and so on really helped and slowly by surely it started to grow. Now there's 315 models available, each containing 20 FACS, that's 6300 unique scans that you can browse through now.

SStatistics as of January 1st 2018. You can always check for stats on the front page of the store.



We do understand that on this stage it’s not easy to use our resource because models come in RAW format, which need a lot of artistic input to get it to the stage where it can be used. Also, it takes a trained professional with years of experience to turn a scan into a realistic 1:1 match of a real human. So, we are now working on processing all the models to deliver high quality production ready products. We will elaborate on that more later this month.

These are the 30 new models that were published  to our library on December 2017 to finish up the year.


All scans are correctly calibrated and match real life dimensions. Each expression is rigidly tracked and aligned to the base neutral scan.


Now in the age of great breakthroughs in development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and research in face recognition, there’s even greater value for this library than we previously imagined. So we plan to not stop working on this project as it has great potential to become the world’s largest database of human facial anatomy. We will also dedicate our time to introduce new line of products very soon.