We have been SUPER busy over the last few months. At the studio we have been booking and organising over a 100 new models. Scanning lots of carefully calibrated expressions to slowly expand our database of digital likeness models.  


Triplegangers Database Statistics

As of June 2017 our digital database now contains over 240 likeness models, each containing over 20 FACS expressions each. 210 are published, we have another 30 waiting in the wings. That will be 4,800 scans in total ready to be purchased, processed and integrated into your film, game or research projects. Our future goal is to grow this database to contain 100,000's of digital models for use in machine learning and deep AI applications, for human recognition and automated digital character recreation systems. We plan to eventually take our system mobile and scan many different cultures and ethnicities. The more people we scan the more scope for sophisticated deep learning applications.

The one thing we are most proud of is that we are trying to maintain a consistent standard and shooting conditions across many months and making sure all our scans are correctly colour calibrated, scaled and tracked.

Here you can see the amount of models we currently have under each age category for male and female. We plan on making live stats preview on the front page soon.



Full Head Scans

We have recently captured a scan of a young lady who had a shaved style, which enabled us to capture female skin details and head shape without any hair blocking the scan process, which should be very useful for anyone interested in human anatomy sculpting. We also have some guys like this in our database as well




Likeness Sculpt Conversions

Over the coming months we will soon be focusing our attention to converting our current RAW neutral likeness scans to full usable real-time assets featuring an optimized topology. We will then be selling these as additions, they will require hardly any post processing work to integrate into your projects.

This will be a slow process, we do not want to rush this as a high quality is our focus.


These new sculpt conversions will also allow artists to then work with our FACS data to generate morphs and eventually animations.


Real-Time Ready

These new clean sculpts will also be real-time ready provided as Marmoset Toolbag 3.0 assets, you can see our early test results below. They will feature colour, specular, normals, cavity, occlusion, sss and skin detail maps. With custom skies and lighting scenes setup ready to render straight out of the box!





Photometric Scans

We are also still busy working on our Photometric scan process but this is still in an R&D phase. More on this soon.



We hope you like what you see and that you will be interested to purchase with us. Please email any of your ideas or concerns, or please do post below.