Here we will address all of the questions we get asked by our customers

If you have any questions that are not on this list, please contact us.

1. What are *.PSZ and *.CR2 files and what should I do with them?
Our Scans products come in Agisoft Metashape *.PSZ project file format. It contains original photogrammetry scene with raw 3D scan and cameras in it. Our products also contain original uncompressed Canon *.CR2 photographs. Please check out our Data Processing tutorials on how to get started with our products.

2. Why are there only 22 photos in Scans products?
It takes more cameras to reconstruct 3D Scans than to texture the final model. This is why in order to make product files smaller and reduce traffic, we are removing redundant angles and providing optimal number of cameras to create high quality textures. On request, we deliver full sets of photographs, however only if you purchased commercial license. We can deliver full sets for Personal license orders, however that order has to be substantial.

3. What are the black dots on each models face?
Those are the markers, they are necessary to track how the skin slides between expressions. They are very helpful when creating Blend Shapes.

4. Do you provide discounts?
Yes. Each Scans product page has a FullPack button which activates 19% discount on all 20 expressions if either pressed or enough expressions selected. We also provide dynamic discounts on big Custom Orders.

5. What are Custom Orders?
If you require multiple models with all or selected expressions, we offer custom order arrangements and dynamic discounts. These orders will be paid for by invoicing and bank transfer for your convenience. Data can be delivered to you on a physical drive or through our FTP. All custom orders will be delivered with full sets of photographs in both *.CR2 and *.JPG formats. OBJ+Texture delivery possible if needed. We will work with you directly to make sure you get the best service possible. So if you are plannning on purchasing multiple models please Contact Us and see what discount you can get.

6. Why don't you provide clean *.OBJ and textures?
Usually all 3D scans you can buy online come as cleaned *.OBJ or *.ZTL (ZBrush tool) + texture in *.jpg or some other format. This approach is flawed because you receive some other artist interpretation of the data. Raw scan has been cleaned, most often small to medium geometry details are destroyed by quick rushed cleaning, texture is then projected using incorrect geometry and color pipeline is fixed which most likely be unacceptable for you as various studios have their own color preferences.
This is why we deliver all original source files that give you control over the color space (linear or actual color), resolution (you decide what resolution you want the final textures to be) and most importantly you have full control over the geometry (how to clean it, how to retopologize and what UV's to use).

7. Why do Neutral expressions cost more?
01_Neutral scan represents fully relaxed state of the models face which is used to build a base sculpt. Expressions are used to make blend shapes for that sculpt. The rest of the expressions go with reduced price as they are very specific and generally not useful without the neutral scan.

8. Do you sell fullbody scans?
No. We do not offer full body scans at this point.