Scan Samples

Our main line of product Scans is delivered in its RAW state and is aimed at artists with a intermediate to advanced skill set in sculpting of likeness models from scanned data.

Usually all 3D scans you can buy online come as OBJ or ZTL (ZBrush tool) + texture in *.jpg or some other format. This approach is flawed because you receive some other artist interpretation of the data. Raw scan has been cleaned, most often small to medium geometry details are destroyed by bad cleaning, texture then projected using incorrect geometry and color pipeline is fixed which most likely won't fit into yours. This greatly limits your freedom and control over the data.

We strive for quality and precision, so we decided to do things differently and give artists full control over the data by delivering original photographs in *.CR2 (original Canon RAW uncompressed format), Color Checker data and actual raw scan scene with all the cameras in it. This gives you control over the color space (linear or actual color), resolution (you decide what resolution you want the final textures to be) and most importantly you have full control over the geometry (how to clean it, how to retopologize and what UV's to use).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You will need 7-zip (.7z) to unzip the file. We are using WeTransfer Plus for this public download, to free up our servers. Please use the links below to download the samples. Our products are 100% virus free.

Amy Reed - 11 Phoneme OO-Brow Raise Eyes Open Wide

Joseph Fujikawa - 04 Smile-Mouth Open

Triplegangers Scan Sample

Please check out our Linear Pipeline and Data Processing posts to get some guidance on how to proceed with our products.

We are offering a free sample scan of Amy Reed and Joseph Fujikawa. These are identical copies of an actuall products you can buy from the store. Contents and structure is standardised and remains the same for all our models.

1. *.PSZ Agisoft Metashape project. All expressions are correctly scaled and rigidly aligned to the neutral expression. Comprizing of a 7,000,000 polygon triangulated geometry for each scan..

2. 22x RAW .CR2 Photographs to texture the subject. It takes more cameras to reconstruct 3D Scans than to texture the final model. This is why in order to make product files smaller and reduce traffic, we are removing redundant angles and providing optimal number of cameras to create high quality textures.

3. One RAW .CR2 Color Checker shot for custom white balance and color calibration. This will allow you to convert actual set CR2 photographs using your preffered color pipeline. We strongly recommend following a Linear Colour Processing Pipeline.

 Agisoft Metashape is required to open our scan sample data. We highly recommend tools like WrapX to be considered when working with custom topology and fitting to scanned data. We also recommend using ZBrush for working with the scan files and either Mudbox or MARI for texture painting and cleanup.

You will require the latest version of Agisoft Metashape to open the files - Also please check our custom scripts that might come in handy while working with Metashape projects.

We hope you like what you see and that you will be interested to purchase with us. Please email any of your ideas or concerns, or please do post below.