We wanted to share with you some Photoscan python scripts that were requested by IR and development by the team at Agisoft LLC.


What are Photoscan Scripts?

These are a selection of Python scripts written by Agisoft LLC. We have worked closely with Agisoft over the last 5 years getting many features implemented as well as custom scripts developed. Scripts that you might use every day, or maybe once in a week. Tools that will help streamline your workflow. Some are old, some are new but all are relevant.

 You will need Photoscan Pro to access the custom script menu. 

Make sure to download and paste the scripts to this path on your OS - C:\Users\"" "" ""\AppData\Local\Agisoft\PhotoScan Pro\scripts

("" "" "") being your OS username.
 They should then appear here:


Scripts to Download


This is a more advanced camera alignment tool that calculates an average position of cameras, useful for aligning chunks to a master chunk. Cameras must be named the same across chunks for this to work


You can use the bounding box to set the orientation of the scene


Copies the bounding box position and rotation from current chunk across all chunks


After using the PS110_align_by_good_cameras.py script, sometimes cameras can be disabled. This will re-enable cameras across the whole workspace


Filters points by bounding box!


Useful to batch remove cameras not required from a chunk. You will be asked to point to a .txt file that lists your camera names in order that you want removed.


You Can rename your camera (photo) extension to something else. Useful when pointing to new image types.


Other related Python scripts can be found here:




Script Usage

We hope to share some video tutorials soon to cover the use of these scripts. This is just a script dump for the future to reference back to.

If you know of any other useful scripts, please do let us know.