We have now included a FULLPACK option to all our models, offering a discount price reduction for when you might want to purchase a full pack.


Full Pack Purchase

It's very simple to select all scan expressions at once and to add a discount, with a click of a button.

Our aim is to offer competitive rates for our products, whilst also offering a high standard in quality. Hiring Photogrammetry services to scan models can sometimes range in the £10,000's.

When you take into account model fees that can range from £25 - £2,500, models travel expenses, the 3D scanning studios fees, model buyout fees from an agency and processing fees. An average 20 FACS scan session can cost you between £750-£5,000 in the UK and those are conservative numbers. Not only do we offer a wide and diverse range of models but our model fees are very affordable and you can get access to the data instantly!

We can also offer deals if clients want to buy more than one full set.

Please email us with your inquiries at admin "at" triplegangers "dot" com

Easy Selection Process

You can simple click on the FULLPACK button, then choose which license you require.

Then just Add To Cart and you are all set!


Once purchased you will be able to access your downloads in your "My Downloadable Products" section


You can then proceed to download each product

Triplegangers Products

It would be great to see what you can do with the data.

We hope you like what you see and that you will be interested to purchase with us. Please email any of your ideas or concerns, or please do post below.