Adam Harding

Faces (FACS)
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Color Images are preview only, product contains no textures.

Using standard Photogrammetry methods, scan quality may vary from model to model, older people scan better and younger worse.

It takes more cameras to reconstruct beautiful scans than to texture the final model. This is why in order to make these files smaller and reduce traffic, we have filtered redundant angles and providing you with the optimal number of cameras to create high quality textures.

Each model has little black dots (markers) drawn on the skin, these are used to see how the skin slides from neutral to each expression, which helps during the morphing process. They can be easily removed from the final texture. Click to learn about the Data Processing

Color Checker CR2 photo is included in each product, you can use it to calibrate CR2 sets. Click to learn about the Linear Pipeline

Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
Adam Harding 01 Neutral
Adam Harding 02 Neutral-Eyes Closed
Adam Harding 03 Smile-Mouth Closed
Adam Harding 04 Smile-Mouth Open
Adam Harding 05 Jaw Open
Adam Harding 06 Face Compression
Adam Harding 07 Mouth Wide
Adam Harding 08 Snarl
Adam Harding 09 Lips Roll In
Adam Harding 10 Look Left-Phoneme CH
Adam Harding 11 Phoneme OO-Brow Raise Eyes Open Wide
Adam Harding 12 Pucker-Look Up
Adam Harding 13 Phoneme OH-Look Down
Adam Harding 14 Chew Look Right
Adam Harding 15 Phoneme Hard FV-Eye Squint
Adam Harding 16 Happy
Adam Harding 17 Surprise
Adam Harding 18 Pain
Adam Harding 19 Disgust
Adam Harding 20 Rage
Adam Harding 21 Scream

Model Information

  • Age 24
  • Gender Male
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Skin Tone Olive
  • Height 174 cm (5' 8")
  • Weight 63 kg (139 lb)


Adam Harding is a 24-year-old Caucasian Male with a Olive tone, standing at a height of 174 cm (5' 8") and weighing 63 kg (139 lb).

We take great care in scanning our models while maintaining strict standards to ensure quality. All captured and processed data is correctly calibrated and scaled using standard industry practices as well as our own. Makeup, jewellery, and hair are removed or covered to reveal a natural look. The model’s true age, height, weight, hair color, and other details are recorded and displayed here for your convenience.

To maintain the anonymity of our models, we assign fictitious names when displaying products in our store. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

There’s much more to know about our Face Scans library and why we feature the expressions you see here. You can find out more by reading this Face Scan Library - FACS blog post.

Model Features:

  Acne Scratches

Technical Information

Face Scans (FACS) products contain additional technical files and each product is structured as follows:

OBJ - This folder contains a raw 3D scan with 9 million triangles in the *.obj format, a raw texture of 8192x8192 pixels in *.png format, and a technical *.rcInfo file detailing the export process and facilitating the import of modified models back into Reality Capture.

Photos – In this folder, you'll find photogrammetry photos in *.jpg format. These were carefully converted from the original *.cr2 photos using a Linear Color Workflow, and provided in full quality.

RC – This folder contains the original Reality Capture project files that will allow you to texture your cleaned and retopologies models. For more information, refer to the Face Scans Product Guide.

Models have black markers on their skin to track skin movement for morphing. These markers can be easily removed from the final texture. Also, this model may be featured in other libraries, please scroll down to check.

Description Adam Harding - 21 FACS Expressions
Date April 14, 2021
Included 9 million polygon mesh in *.obj format, 8192x8192 pixels *.png texture, Linear Color *.jpg photo set, *.rcproj Reality Capture project file v1.3
File Format *.obj, *.png, *.jpg, *.rcproj
File Size 550 Mb per each expression in *.7z format
Quality 3D Scan

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