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Paul Mitchell Real-Time

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Realtime converted models supplied with a unified topology in .fbx format. Includes eyes, teeth, tongue, brows, eyelashes, eyes open and closed models and calibration objects as real-time models. All textures provided as *.PNG upto 8192x8192 format.


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Paul Mitchell Real-Time


Realtime line of products is made to give Artists access to an unprecedented level of realism and quality that can be used as a solid ground in the creation of characters like never before. We chose to showcase our Realtime models in Marmoset Toolbag. Included in each TB3 scene are a set of HDRI sky examples and custom filmic lighting scenarios. Showcasing how our products hold realism in Toolbag 3's advanced lighting and rendering system and Triplegangers unique character creation process.

The Realtime models share the same topology and UV layout, this allows you to morph/mix shape and textures of any two or more models however you like. The Realtime models are offered as a starting ground, a base template that you can work further within other real-time rendering engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine 4. In combination with our Sculpt products, you will be able to further advance the realism by exporting any required high-resolution data and converting our assets to use in offline rendering applications like Maya, Max, Cinema4D, Lightwave, Mudbox or Blender. Then further rendered with Arnold or Vray simply by loading in the provided .fbx files and textures and setting up your own materials and lighting environments.

The goal is for our Realtime products to be universal, to be functional in any rendering application and still output a high quality.

The product includes Toolbag 3 lighting scenes, and .fbx character models of eyes open and eyes closed. As well as anatomically correct teeth made using dental molds, tongue, mouth insides with textures. Also provided are high-resolution eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows for neutral and eyes closed shapes. Included are diffuse, specular, roughness, occlusion, cavity, thickness, normals, height and other related textures in 8192x8192 texture resolution or lower in *.PNG format. All are created to render at a high standard.

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Paul Mitchell Real-Time

Age 38
Gender Male
Ethnicity No
Skin Tone Light Skin
Height 168 cm
Weight 81 kg

Technical Information

Description: Paul Mitchell Real-Time
Date: 10th July 2018
Included: Toolbag 3 scene's in *.tbscene format, *.FBX character models of eyes open and eyes closed. Textures upto 8192x8192 in *.PNG format.
File Format: 7-Zip *.7z Archive
File Size: 1 GB
Scan by: Infinite-Realities

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