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Tim Lambert Sculpt

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High resolution sculpt with clean animation ready topology in ZBrush *.ZTL format. Includes eyes, teeth, tongue, eyes closed Morph Target as a layer, brows and eyeslashes as subtools. All textures provided in 8192 x 8192 resolution in *.TIF format.

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Tim Lambert Sculpt


Sculpts line of products is made to give Artists access to an unprecedented level of realism and quality that can be used as solid ground in creation of characters like never before. Precision sculpted using our 3D Scans, Sculpt models share the same topology and UV layout, this allows you to morph/mix shape and textures of any two or more models however you like.

The goal for our Scans products is to give a strong fundation on which you can further improve, sylize and modify this models to create chracter that will stand out from the rest. Or use them as they are.

Product includes ZBrush *.ZTL file with main head sculpt subtool consisting of 7-8 subdivision levels that results in total 8.3 - 33.3 million polygons and eyes closed Morph Target as a layer, 8192 x 8192 textures in *.TIF format (head neutral, head eyes closed, teeth, markers, eye), anatomically correct teeth made using dental molds, tongue, mouth insides, eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows for neutral and eyes closed shapes.

Unique to each model Markers texture is included in this product, you can use it to create new Morph Targets using this models FACS scans. Click to learn about the Morph Targets creation process Morph Targets

Tim Lambert Sculpt

Age 69
Gender Male
Ethnicity No
Skin Tone Light Skin
Height 185 cm
Weight 80 kg

Technical Information

Description: Tim Lambert Sculpt
Date: 10th July 2018
Included: 8.3 Million polygon sculpt in Zbrush *.ZTL format, eyes, teeth, tongue, brows and eyeslashes as subtools. Eyes closed morph target and 8192 x 8192 textures in *.TIF format.
File Format: 7-Zip *.7z Archive
File Size: 350 MB
Scan by: Infinite-Realities

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