Amelia Humming

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Amelia Humming
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Model Information

  • Age 20
  • Gender Female
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Skin Tone Medium
  • Height 179 cm (5' 10")
  • Weight 53 kg (117 lb)


Amelia Humming is a 20-year-old Caucasian Female with a Medium tone, standing at a height of 179 cm (5' 10") and weighing 53 kg (117 lb).

We take great care in scanning our models while maintaining strict standards to ensure quality. All captured and processed data is correctly calibrated and scaled using standard industry practices as well as our own. Makeup, jewellery, and hair are removed or covered to reveal a natural look. The model’s true age, height, weight, hair color and other details are recorded and displayed here for your convenience.

Note that extreme body poses may not always perfectly fit into a scanning volume, please inspect high resolution product images carefully. We recommend you to read Full Body Scan Library Part 2 - Poses blog post to find out more.

This model may be featured in other libraries, please scroll down to check.

Model Features:


Technical Information

Full Body Scan products have a set of 23 BACS poses designed to cover a full range of human body motion and is performed by all our models. You can see them listed first in the grid above. These scans have purely technical nature designed for sculpting, animation and AI/ML research aimed to study human body form. The rest of poses are unique, their number and what they depict vary depending on the individual. If you want to find out more about what BACS poses represent, please read our Full Body Scan Library Part 1 - BACS blog post.

Full Body products include 15 million triangles mesh in the *.obj format and a Linear Color texture of 16384x16384 pixels in the *.png format.

To maintain the anonymity of our models, we assign fictitious names when displaying products in our store. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Models, featured in Full Body Library, wear underwear specifically designed to be revealing while still preserving comfort and allowing freedom of movement.

Description Amelia Humming - 21 Full Body Poses
Date December 2, 2020
Included 15 million polygon mesh in *.obj format, 16384x16384 pixels *.png texture in Linear Color
File Format *.obj, *.png
File Size 550 Mb per each pose in *.7z format
Quality 3D Scan

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  • Commercial License for business or professional projects.

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