We've been awaiting this moment for years, and are happy to finally offer you full-body scans. This library is new and will expand significantly over time, but there’s already enough to amaze and inspire you. This introduction to Full Body Library will be divided into two parts. The first part is this post, where we will detail everything about Full Body BACS and lay the groundwork to a new way of studying human body. The second part Full Body Scan Library Part 2 - Poses, more artistically oriented where we will try to inspire you to create, show the stunning variety of what human bodies are capable of, touch on the challenges in scanning this data and what we are trying to archive.

What is BACS

The Triplegangers Body Action Coding System (BACS) is a unique approach to cataloguing human body shapes in various basic positions, taking into account factors such as age, fitness, gender, and body types. This system focuses on the coding of human body elements, the analysis of body shapes and movements from mostly visual perspective. We aim to provide a standardized resource of high-quality 3D data that can be used in art, animation, fashion, clothing design, medical field, anthropometry, generative AI and machine learning research. As well as any other field that might benefit from accurate, diverse and highly detailed human full body 3D data.

So far, we have scanned over 215 individual models for this library which resulted in over 5000 BACS Pose scans alone. Additionally, there’s over 7500 unique poses that portray activities like dancing, fighting, posing, jumping and many more. All available in high quality 3D scanned format that includes color information and statistical data on every individual scanned.


We try to balance the models in our library and not allow any single differentiating factor to stand out too much. At the same time, we see beauty in every person that comes to our studios and considering the complexity of finding and scanning each new model we cannot be too picky. Despite the many challenges, we plan on adding new models to this library while introducing much more diversity. It will take thousands of people to even touch on the complex variety that we see in human bodies.

Quality and Standards

We take great care in scanning our models while maintaining strict standards to ensure quality. Makeup, jewellery and hair is removed or covered to reveal a natural look. The model’s gender, age, height, weight, hair color and other details are recorded and displayed on each product page for your convenience. These details are set as a Browse page filters that will help you fine tune results. All captured and processed data is correctly calibrated and scaled using standard industry practices as well as our own.

Each scan is delivered as a raw 15 million polygon mesh in *.obj format, 16384x16384 pixels *.png texture in Linear Color. To examine the product quality, you can download a sample scan here Free Scan Samples.

BACS Poses

The human body consists of approximately 650 skeletal muscles and 206 bones. Due to this complexity and dynamic nature of human body movements, it is challenging to isolate a motion that could serve as a target point for assigning a code. Additionally, the intricacies of 3D scanning make it very easy to escalate complexity with each new individual scanned. And because we are planning to repeat the same process for hundreds of new individuals, it is important to optimize it. This is why it will not be a complete solution, but a good foundation on which the human body form can be studied.

We’ve developed a set of 23 basic poses that we will call BACS in this library. You can see them displayed above. Each is a technical pose packed with unique features that will outline basic human motion and allow to study how each element of the human body moves and deforms in any given position. This system is in no way perfect, but it’s a step towards better understanding of human bodies.

Fully relaxed neutral pose.
Knees slightly bent to relieve stress, arms lifted to 45°, elbows bent slightly to show natural relaxed form, palms relaxed with open fingers. This pose is designed to be used as a base for character creation and animation.
Both arms are bent at a 90° angle, hands form a fist. The right leg is fully bent at the knee, with the foot flexed and the toes pointing up.
Arms raised to sides with both elbows and wrists at a shoulder level, elbows forming a 90° angle. The right leg lifted forward and up, with the knee and ankle forming 90° angle. Forearms twisted inward with palms facing down.
Right hand raised above the head, left hand placed behind the back, both elbows bent to 90°. Right leg raised to the side at 45°, is straight and fully extended.
Both arms are fully bent at the elbows and pressed to the chest. The right leg is lifted up and to the side with a 90° angle at the hip and knee joints. The foot and toes are pointing down.
Both shoulders move back with hands joined and lifted behind the back. Right leg lifted forward at a 45°. Foot and toes pointing forward.
Feet at shoulder width. Arms raised to the sides with elbows at shoulder level and bent at a 90° angle. Forearms and hands pointing downward. Head and chest turn 180° to the right.
Arms raised to the sides, with both elbows bent upward and inward, fingers touching a shoulder.
Feet at shoulder width. Both arms lifted up with hands joined behind the head. Hips move to the left. Head and chest bend to the right.
Deep breath in, chest lifted up. Back is straight. Arms slightly lifted to the sides.
Head and chest bend backward. Knees slightly bent. forearms twisted with palms facing up, fingers extended.
Knees slightly bent. Head and chest bending forward from the lower back. Shoulders moving forward and up. Arms fully relaxed hanging down.
Knees slightly bent. Standing on the outer side of both feet. Shoulders moving forward. Arms lifted forward slightly. Forearms twisted inwards with the backside of each hand facing each other.
Half a squat, with the back straight. Arms lifted forward with elbows slightly bent. Palms facing each other. 
Full squat standing on toes. Back straight. Arms lifted vertically up, palms facing forward.
Arms lifted forward, forming a circle with wrists and elbows at shoulder level. The right leg is lifted up and fully bent, with the foot and toes pointing up.
Stand on toes stretch up, head looking up. Arms, hands, and fingers fully extended downward.
Standing on the right knee with right foot flat. Left foot on the floor, heel under the left knee. Arms lifted up at a 45° angle, palms facing forward and fingers opened.
Standing with arms and legs crossed, the right leg is over the left with both feet flat on the floor. The right arm is positioned over the left, crossed at elbow level.
Walking pose: Body mass is on the right leg while the left foot is still on the ground.
Wide stance. Back straight Arms up with hands joined behind the head.
Standing straight with both feet together. Hands pressed against the body with fingers together.

Terms of movement 

Displayed below are individuals of varying body shapes, ethnic backgrounds, and ages performing the BACS06 pose. You can see how through comparison, this database offers insights into how various factors influence the resulting body shapes when performing identical movements.

This article is still in development as we are still working on the detailed explanation of the poses and movement codes. To be continued….