This is the second part of an introduction to a Full Body Library. With a dual focus in mind, the library is divided into two parts. Though they aren't directly connected in terms of continuity, we recommend reading the first part Full Body Scan Library Part 1 – BACS, if you haven't already done so.


In addition to BACS, we are also exploring the artistic beauty of the human body through a wide range of diverse posing and actions. Scans of which we hope will inspire you to create. In our library you will see top athletes in their prime as well as ordinary people. Our goal is to capture extremes and everything in between, from skinny to overweight, from young to old and fragile, from normal to top performing athletes. To 3D capture their anatomy and form like you’ve never seen before.

Art reference

This library is created by the artists for the artists. Reference material is at the foundation of any creative artwork, whether it's stock images from the internet or real-life subjects. While photos and pictures are easy to find, they lack depth and are confined to a single perspective. Even video’s will be limited to how the camera was setup and what was shown from what angle. Real-life subjects are excellent, but people move and get tired, and lighting changes constantly. Having a high-quality reference frozen in time, which you can view from all possible angles, is invaluable for gaining a deeper understanding of the subject and incorporating more realistic and accurate details into your artwork.

3D Scans can serve as a reference material or a base on which you can improve or create something new. Used full or in part they provide valuable information that you can use to improve the accuracy, proportions, composition, and overall quality of your artwork. Ultimately, it will enhance your creative process and allow to produce more compelling and realistic pieces of art.

Diversity and Anatomy

From an artistic perspective every person is beautiful in their own way, so when scanning we are always trying to introduce as much diversity as we possibly can. This is why in our library you can see people of all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities. This introduces a very diverse range of body shapes and features that can be studied through a range of poses and actions performed by our models.


Our 3D scanning rigs can capture high-speed action. You will see a lot of poses in this library that are performed in motion, as they introduce a lot of interesting anatomical details. They can be challenging to do but very rewarding when captured at the right moment.

Quality and Standards

We take great care in scanning our models while maintaining strict standards to ensure quality. Makeup, jewellery and hair is removed or covered to reveal a natural look. The model’s gender, age, height, weight, hair color and other details are recorded and displayed on each product page for your convenience. These details are set as a Browse page filters that will help you fine tune results. All captured and processed data is correctly calibrated and scaled using standard industry practices as well as our own.

When searching for a specific body pose, Pose Filters will be available to find scans based on the body action performed. They will include Artistic, Crouching, Dancing, Martial Arts, Ballet, Fashion, Yoga, Expressive and many more. 

Each scan is delivered as a raw 15 million polygon mesh in *.obj format, 16384x16384 pixels *.png texture in Linear Color. To examine the product quality, you can download a sample scan here Free Scan Samples.

Challenges and limitations

Pushing the limits of what can be 3D scanned comes at a cost, and unfortunately even the most sophisticated scanning rigs have their limitations. When we attempt to capture a very unique pose, the scan may turn out incomplete or flawed. Portions of a leg or a hand may be missing or of poor quality. This is because our scanning volume is fixed and fine-tuned for standing poses, which make up the majority of the library. 

On the picture below, you can see an example of such a scan that was captured at a very high speed. Notice the ripples forming on the inside of the model’s thigh where her right foot hit it. While there is a lot of unique detail in this pose, the right hand was positioned too high and was outside the scanning volume, resulting in it being partially missing. Additionally, you can see quality degradation on the left leg and hand. 

Scans like this are fairly easy to fix by replacing portions of it with those from other scans of the same model.

Disclaimer! Before purchasing, please inspect high-res product images that are available for every product in our store.


All models in this library are wearing underwear, and there is a reason for it. Our goal is to scan hundreds or even thousands of people, so it was important to find an approach that all our models would be comfortable with. This is why we designed and created unique underwear that is revealing while still preserving comfort and allowing freedom of movement. We are very particular about the fabric used and the fitting. This is an extra step we are taking to ensure a firm standard throughout our entire product line.

Closing Words

This library is aimed to inspire artists to create. Please use our store search tools to find exactly what you are looking for, or simply browse and discover that one pose that will ignite your artistic spark. If you wish to contact us with suggestions, please do so using the Contact Us form. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in this library, and we will strive to capture it. And of course, share your creations with us, we will be very happy to see it and share on our social media.